The scientific committee invites original contributions on the theme of "social epistemology of the organization of knowledge", reviewed and rethought in the light of tday’s digital generalization. These proposals will be linked to field studies as well as to broader reflections on the issues of production, circulation, transmission and validation of knowledge.

They will be able to be inscribed in a social perspective with regard to the following axes:

I. Historical and epistemological foundations of knowledge organization

  • Social epistemology in the organization of knowledge
  • Cultural and social approaches to the organization of knowledge
  • Local and global approaches to the organization of knowledge
  • Redefinitions of authority, credibility and legitimacy of knowledge organization systems
  • Evolution or stability of knowledge organization paradigms in different societies or cultures
  • Influence of culture on the design of knowledge organization tools
  • Renewal of knowledge organization models and massive data (textual, multimedia, technical, and multilingual)
  • Reconfiguration of social knowledge organization and information retrieval

II. Processes and dynamics of knowledge organization

  • Evolution of controlled languages in the era of the so-called semantic web
  • Knowledge organization systems and devices and their interoperability
  • Centralized knowledge organization in the face of Web 2.0 social and collaborative practices

III. Induced changes in professional and non-professional practices

  • Knowledge mediation in formal and informal spaces
  • Appropriation by social actors of knowledge organization tools (Quid of vernacular practices and expert practices)
  • Dynamics and processes related to experiential knowledge
  • Collaborative practices of knowledge organization and sharing
  • Knowledge representation and visualization methods (cartography, drawing, diagrams, etc.)
  • Evaluation of knowledge organization systems
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